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Marine Glass Tinting in St. Louis, MO

Add style and functionality to your boat with marine glass tinting. Custom Illusions is a company that specializes in all types of tinting services for cars, boats, and buildings. When you are boating with your family and friends, it is best to take every precaution to make your day enjoyable for everyone on the boat. Even something that seems simple like marine glass tinting in St. Louis, MO, can make your boat safer to drive by reducing glare and more comfortable to everyone aboard.

Mobile Marine Glass Tinting Services

Before your next day out on the boat, turn to our team for mobile tinting services. We come to your location and complete the service with minimal disruption to your day. For more than 10 years, our professionals have worked in the field of window tinting which means we are prepared for every type of service. In a few short hours, we will improve your boat for the better by making it more comfortable with a marine glass tinting service.

Fishing Boat - Marine Glass Tinting

Free Estimates from Our Boat Glass Tinting Team

Improve your boat by investing in a budget-friendly update. Schedule a service with our boat window tinting team, or ask our experts for a free estimate if you are thinking about tinting. We simply calculate the amount of tinting you need, determine the right tint to add to your boat, and give you an accurate estimate for the proposed service.

Benefits of Marine Window Tinting

Just as you can tint the windows of your car or truck, adding tint to the windows of your boat comes with the same type of benefits. With the right UV protective tinting product, your vessel stays protected from fading and cracking caused by excessive sun exposure. In addition, your boat's technology, such as radios, emergency equipment, and speakers, are all safer once protected from sun exposure.
In addition to extending the life of your boat, tinting will reduce the heat on-board the vessel and make it safer for you to drive on the water. Tinted windows reduce the amount of glare you get off the water when trying to navigate and ready your sonar equipment.

Learn more about marine glass tinting for your boat and contact us today. We are convenient
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