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Car Paint Protection Films in St. Louis, MO

Make a long-term investment in your vehicle by adding a protective film on your vehicle to preserve paint color. Custom Illusions specializes in window tinting and automotive protective film installation. Easy to add to your vehicle, this clear film makes it so you never have to think about the wear-and-tear your paint color experiences. Keep your car looking newer for longer with car paint protection films in St. Louis, MO.

Automotive Protective Film for Your Car's Hood

Since the hood of your car endures the most of the damage caused by driving, this is the primary place to add a protective film. Other areas this nearly invisible feature can be added to your car include the fenders, side-view mirrors, and front bumper. Adding a clear automotive protection paint film to your car prevents damage from:

 Road Debris

No One Will Notice Your Clear Automotive Paint Protection Film

If you are worried about the way a clear film will look once it is added to your vehicle, allow us to show you what it looks like. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that the film is not easy to spot. In addition, our high-end products never crack or get yellow from sun exposure. It is easy to remove in case you change your mind about having it on your car.

Car Paint Protection Films for Harsh Winters & Summers

One of the most distinguishing features of a vehicle is the color of the paint. As your car ages, the paint takes a beating due to environmental factors. Car paint protection films preserve the color of your paint and protects from damage caused by daily use of the vehicle.
In a climate with harsh winters and summers, adding this layer of protection keeps your car looking new for significantly longer. One day soon, you will see a car the same year and color as yours on the road and you will notice that your paint looks better because you have a protective layer on the car.

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